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Located on Main Street in Saco, Maine

Family Eye Care

Located on Main Street in Saco, Maine

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Q: Is it true that Dry Eye symptoms seem to be more severe in the winter than in the warmer spring and summer months?

Yes it’s true because of the dryer air.

Q: When should a person come in to see their optometrist for Dry Eye symptoms and when is it enough to take care of this problem yourself?

You should come in and be seen if home therapy has failed.

Q: What is the examination like to determine whether someone is suffering from Dry Eyes?

There is a painless simple quick test that we perform to evaluate for dry eyes.

Q: I have a friend in whose eyes are frequently overly watery. That isn’t Dry Eye, is it?

Overly watery eyes can be from dry eye, but not always.

Q: What are the typical treatments used to help people suffering from Dry Eyes?

Typical treatments include various artificial tears, prescription medications, supplements, diet, humidifiers, and lid hygiene protocol.

Q: Are some people more prone to having Dry Eyes than others?

Some people are more prone to having dry eyes. Age, sex, diet, lifestyle, and medications are just a few influencing factors.

Q: Do you have any recommendations for people to help them avoid Dry Eye issues?

Recommendations would be using a humidifier in the winter, aim fans in homes and cars away from the eyes, drink water and eat a healthy diet including omega 3 fatty acids, and use artificial tears when necessary.