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Located on Main Street in Saco, Maine

Family Eye Care

Located on Main Street in Saco, Maine

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Designer Frames

We have an extensive selection of eyewear including the latest styles in designer sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses.  Here are just some of the lines we offer:

  • Marchon NYC
  • Skaga
  • Dragon
  • Flexon
  • Longchamp
  • KLiiK
  • Fysh
  • Evatik
  • Superflex
  • Maui Jim
  • Avalon
  • Life is Good
  • Vera Bradley
  • Anthem
  • Bruno Magli
  • Italia Mia
  • Sanctuary
  • Moleskine
  • Liberty Sport
  • Elan


Some Questions and Answers on Designer Frames

Q: What makes a designer frame more elegant than a typical frame?
A: Designer frames are some of the highest in quality. They can offer unique accents that may be subtle or bold. They often come in beautiful colors and patterns that are specific and related to each designer.

Q: What are the benefits of using designer brands & why is it superior?
A: Designer brands have intrinsic quality expectations and requirements that make them longer lasting, easier to adjust and more likely to carry longer and more flexible warranties.

Q: What designer frames are for men? Are they for sports or business/classy style?
A: We offer a variety of designer brands for women and men that provide a variety of styles for our individual patients. Our inventory is refreshed on a regular basis to bring in new and exciting styles.

Q: Which brands are good for children & does it help their confidence at school?
A: Letting kids choose their frames is one of the most important aspects of the frame selection process for kids. A professional optician will study and recommend frames based on the patient's prescription and face size but it is the child who will be the one wearing the glasses. If they are allowed to choose the color and look of the frame they will be more likely to want to wear the glasses. Designer brands are now recognized by more than just adults and should be offered as a choice to all ages.

Q: Do all designer frames work with every type of lens like single or progressive?
A: Designer brands can be worn by anyone. All prescription types can work with any brand but the most important factor is the correct and professional fitting and measurement by an experienced optician.

Q: What makes for a good designer pair of sunglasses?
A: Any designer frame can be turned into prescription sunglasses. Usually we would help the patient pick something that fits well and covers the eyes to block the sun as much as possible. We would also help our patient find the frame that best fits their lifestyle.

Q: Do vision insurances cover designer frames? Is it worth spending more for it?
A: VSP covers a portion of all the prescription frames we stock. The higher the price a frame is the more value you are receiving from your VSP discounts.